Some important holiday updates

  1. Goop Mrkt has opened in NYC! That’s right, the woman who couldn’t put enough vowels in her brand is pulling back. She has eliminated all vowels to demonstrate her thriftyness. WHAT WILL I BUY THERE? Here are my top ideas: a square pinky ring with D engraved on it (because then I could press it into my meatloaves and brand everything!), a silver ombre ring set (also good for punching things), or a Sunday in Santa Monica Goop Candle (because I assume this smells like the inside of Gwyneth’s . . . who knows? Home? Gym Bag? Who cares?). I have also just listed three things under $200, which was hard. So really what I will be buying is the experience, which I might try and get W. to document.
  2. Everyone still needs the Lorac ProPalette. I’ve included this link for my husband because I’m not sure he was aware that Sephora doesn’t sell it.
  3. Everything’s the worst, all I really want for Christmas is a god damned job, Jessica Jones had too many episodes, and Lena Dunham’s newsletter Lenny bores me. So let’s think about the only bright light in a very dark world:



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