Winter has come!

The greatest season is upon us. I sometimes get confused and think September is great. But the TV premieres of Winter are even better. Some old stuff we’ve really missed (Downton Abbey, The Americans, The Fosters) is coming back, but also some delightful new stuff (keep your eye out for Mercy Street). Also: AWARDS! The movies are fine, whatever. But I only see every awards-bait movie in order to better enjoy the Golden Globes and the Oscars. Also: FOOTBALL! I know, aren’t I unpredictable? I love the post-season almost as much as I love ladies in dresses. So here is a schedule of things to be excited about. New shows marked with *

Jan. 3

Downton Abbey- I still find it comforting

Jan. 10


Jan. 13

Younger (currently cruising through the entire first season and LOVING it)

Jan. 18

The Fosters

Jan. 17

*Billions -Brody! Where have you been?

*Mercystreet- It is a PBS drama about two Civil War lady nurses. SOLD.

Jan. 21

*London Spy -oh Ben Wishaw. Would you like to eat a sandwich on my lap?

Jan. 24

*The X-files – I guess it is not technically new, but this is not a returning show. I hope this whole new arc is about how Scully got so skinny.

Jan. 25

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin

*The Magicians (Syfy)- yes! Based off of the books!

Jan. 29


Feb. 7


Feb. 21


Feb. 28


March (they have not given a date)

The Americans

So much other stuff in March, but I had to stop somewhere.


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