Jake Lacy, American Hero


Oh Jake Lacy, feminist fantasy

are you shimmying your shoulders? Is this beat too contagious?

Even though you are not very good at dancing, you participate! Because participation, much like listening, complimenting, and being completely unfazed by ladies’ superior wit, power, and competence is  . . . your thing.

Good looking? Kind of. Not too good looking. More like, the kind of face you want to smoosh around with your hands.

Is it okay that I’m a lesbian Jake Lacy? “Of course!”

Is it okay that I’m ten years older than you Jake Lacy? “Of course!”

Most improbably: Is it okay that I’m Hannah Horvath and most likely going to reunite with Adam? “Of course! I’ll make you ready for a mature relationship with him.”

We thought Ben Affleck and Paul Rudd could provide us with this comfortable, un-threatening rom-com charm, but we were wrong!! It was only Jake Lacy.

We have been waiting for you Jake. And we didn’t even know that we were waiting.


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