Best Stuff


I bought mine for 8 bucks at the grocery store. I am a proud zoodler. If you want to be a terrible human being, drop your zoodles in boiling salted water for 30 seconds and then top with sauce (picture on right). If you want to be a happy person, drop zoodles into the already boiling real noodles for their last 30 seconds, top with lots of parm.

Simple Micellar Water:

If there was one thing I could force every human to buy, it would be this stuff. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you need this because nothing is more satisfying than wiping off your morning eye crud with this stuff on a cotton pad. I have the most irritated dry eyes in the history of the world, and this stuff (even more than eye drops) keeps them feeling good. It is also great for washing your face when you can’t deal with splashing water on yourself, and it is the most effective eye makeup remover I have ever used. It is mostly glycerin, so even if you just wipe your face with it in the morning you are getting the first level of hydration.

Rituals Heavenly Hammam Bath Oil

I take more baths than showers (because standing feels overwhelming sometimes). My primary problem with most bath products is that they dry out my skin and leave my tub dangerously dirty and slippy. This for some reason does not scuz up the bath and leaves your skin moisturized. It also has eucalyptus, which is my favorite smell.

BareMinerals Mineral Foundation (matte/fair):

The only makeup that looks better throughout the day. Pro tip: don’t buff it into your skin. Stamp it into your skin with the Sephora mineral brush.

Elf Brushes (the black ones):

These brushes cost $3 at Target and they are as good as any expensive synthetic brush. Get them all, and in multiples in case you don’t wash your brushes often enough.

Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster

I can’t afford this. But boy does it work.

Everlane Loafers:

They require breaking in/professional stretching in the toe bed, but that’s the price you pay for flattering pointy toes.

Zara bag:

A black hole of a work bag. I love that it is plastic (it is easy to wipe off). I really really want a Lo & Sons bag, but until I can justify buying a $300 work bag, this is a great option.







Werk Songs

Do you need to run for 20 minutes on a dumb stupid treadmill?

You need these three essential songs!

  1. Hands to Myself- Selena Gomez
  2. Work from Home-Fifth Harmony

  1. Love Myself-Hailee Steinfeld



Baby TV

A friend of the blog (which means one of our 5 readers), is about to give birth. My understanding of modern motherhood is that you spend a lot of time with a baby on your boob and your iPad propped on a pillow. So, with the massive caveat that I don’t know what it’s like to have a baby, here is what I am recommending for some tv binging (she asked, so I’m doing my best).

Here are my criteria:

lots of episode (I assume you are tired and can’t go through the emotional labor of starting a new show too often)

really good but not so good that it is stressful/existentially overwhelming

  1. Shows your husband might watch with you:

Silicon Valley/Catastrophe/Game of Thrones (is it luck that these are coming back just as you are giving birth, or FATE?)

Better Call Saul (less stressful than Breaking Bad, and I want to have Jimmy’s babies)

Battlestar Galactica (even if you have already seen it, you probably can’t remember what happened since it came out like 15 years ago).

2. I have friends, I definitely have friends shows (I hear motherhood can be lonely):

Golden Girls (this does not seem to be streaming anywhere, but this might be the moment to invest in a box set)

Call the Midwife (I think if I was pregnant I would like the feeling of kinship with working class British women who are also having babies)

Cheers (on Netflix, and man this show holds up)

Playing House (also about having babies and renewed for a season 3!)



The Path

I am already in committed relationships with many elements of this show.

  1. American religion
  2. Jason Katims (Parenthood, Friday Night Lights)
  3. Hugh Dancy (Hannibal)
  4. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

I am so so about Michelle Monaghan (my least favorite part of True Detective’s first season). And I’m not totally sure about the show runner Jessica Goldberg, but she was a producer and writer on Parenthood and I think that show has a lot of echoes in this new one.


I think the two spiritual influences on this show are The Master, which captured the real allure of therapeutic cults, and Parenthood, which captured the real allure of extended families as cults. Think about it, nobody in Parenthood had any non-family friends! It’s on Hulu and they seem to be spending $$ because upstate NY looks bEaUtiful, and all of Michelle Monoghan’s jeans are definitely from Imogene + Willie.

Cults and new age religion are having a moment on tv (the Leftovers, the amazing Esalen scenes on Mad Men), but The Path has the good sense to take a page from Call the Midwife and think more about vocation and community than “belief” in relationship to spirituality.


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