The Path

I am already in committed relationships with many elements of this show.

  1. American religion
  2. Jason Katims (Parenthood, Friday Night Lights)
  3. Hugh Dancy (Hannibal)
  4. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

I am so so about Michelle Monaghan (my least favorite part of True Detective’s first season). And I’m not totally sure about the show runner Jessica Goldberg, but she was a producer and writer on Parenthood and I think that show has a lot of echoes in this new one.


I think the two spiritual influences on this show are The Master, which captured the real allure of therapeutic cults, and Parenthood, which captured the real allure of extended families as cults. Think about it, nobody in Parenthood had any non-family friends! It’s on Hulu and they seem to be spending $$ because upstate NY looks bEaUtiful, and all of Michelle Monoghan’s jeans are definitely from Imogene + Willie.

Cults and new age religion are having a moment on tv (the Leftovers, the amazing Esalen scenes on Mad Men), but The Path has the good sense to take a page from Call the Midwife and think more about vocation and community than “belief” in relationship to spirituality.


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