Baby TV

A friend of the blog (which means one of our 5 readers), is about to give birth. My understanding of modern motherhood is that you spend a lot of time with a baby on your boob and your iPad propped on a pillow. So, with the massive caveat that I don’t know what it’s like to have a baby, here is what I am recommending for some tv binging (she asked, so I’m doing my best).

Here are my criteria:

lots of episode (I assume you are tired and can’t go through the emotional labor of starting a new show too often)

really good but not so good that it is stressful/existentially overwhelming

  1. Shows your husband might watch with you:

Silicon Valley/Catastrophe/Game of Thrones (is it luck that these are coming back just as you are giving birth, or FATE?)

Better Call Saul (less stressful than Breaking Bad, and I want to have Jimmy’s babies)

Battlestar Galactica (even if you have already seen it, you probably can’t remember what happened since it came out like 15 years ago).

2. I have friends, I definitely have friends shows (I hear motherhood can be lonely):

Golden Girls (this does not seem to be streaming anywhere, but this might be the moment to invest in a box set)

Call the Midwife (I think if I was pregnant I would like the feeling of kinship with working class British women who are also having babies)

Cheers (on Netflix, and man this show holds up)

Playing House (also about having babies and renewed for a season 3!)



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