Outlander Update

So the France story arc is finally over, and we can all let out that sigh of relief.

Things the France story arc could have been:

-An opportunity to explore the difference between sexual mores in different parts of eighteenth-century Europe. This was really as close as we got:


-An opportunity to explore how marriage changes Jamie and Claire’s hot relationship.

-Brocade! Okay, there was some good brocade. In particular that brown suit Claire wore during her Captain Randall encounter.


The irregular embroidery! The yellow on brown! But there should have been more of this.

Unfortunately France turned out to be a place for Jamie to process his rape and Claire to be a grumpy pregnant lady. If you thought this show couldn’t take any more rape, you were wrong! It just kept coming. On top of all that, Claire made us spend time thinking about the mechanics of time travel and what she could and could not change. You are not Dr. Who! Time travel math will never work well on this show. So, France was an official bummer.

So let’s spend a second exploring the great bikini wax conundrum that really was the best thing in the entire first seven episodes of season two.

So bikini waxing, apparently a thing in 18th century France. But Claire is from 1940s England, so when she dabbles in bikini waxing she is actually trying a trend from the future! If all seven episodes had been Jamie’s reactions to this development it would have been a better seven episodes.







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