1. Even with UnReal’s return, summer is still a bit of a slow tv time. To fill this void I finally took up Willa Paskin’s suggestion from 2015 and watched the second season of Halt and Catch Fire. Do not watch the first season (maybe read the first paragraph of the description on Wikipedia to get a sense of the premise). The second season focuses on women in the 1980’s tech world. It’s like Silicon Valley but with women. The music, tone, and energetic plot make it a great summer treat (too many dour shows these days with grim-dark plots). Also it is on Netflix! So no commercials!
  2. Eligible. This retelling of Pride and Prejudice in contemporary Cincinnati keeps all the social commentary of Austin’s version, adds some sex, and unfolds in really short chapters. Sittenfeld is an A+ author who dabbles in low-brow content. I wish there were more authors who could do this.
  3. L’amour et la Musique

Her videos have risen to Vivianna-level status. I think she is actually skillful at applying makeup in a way that is cool and not overdone. But more importantly, I’m a little confounded by her as a human. She doesn’t do this professionally (which makes me like her more). But then why does she do it? She has a PhD from Brown and a BA from University of Chicago, and as with Natalia Petrzela, I observe her speech patterns and interests with self-hating voyeurism. Is she me? Am I her? How much dumb stuff can a smart woman put out into the universe before it reflects poorly on her? I’m asking for a friend.

Happy Summer!


4 thoughts on “Read/Watch

  1. Yeah, totally because.

    By the way, I would pay good money to read a write-up from you about trying a medical intuitive, no joke.

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