1. The Podcast Who? Weekly. How did I get through the past ten years of my US Weekly subscription without this helpful guide? It answers the very basic question “who are these wierdos?” and “who is ‘us’?”
  2. Summer Shows: American Ninja Warrior (this is what MY America looks like), UnReal, Thirteen (a BBC thriller about an escaped abductee), Humans (the British cyborg drama from last year that nobody watched, catch up on Amazon), and of course I’m hate watching Roadies, which is so bad that I actually have to mute it during the monologues.  I’m also catching up with Legend of Korra, which is now all up on Amazon.
  3. I’m living my best pajamas-as-clothes life because I finally bought my machine-washable silk culottes, which you can’t buy because they’re sold out. But you can buy this amazing hat if you act quick (it is also about to sell out). Culottes and hat-D.

2 thoughts on “Listen/Watch/Buy

  1. Love the whole look! Love the navy! However I can’t believe you have given me so much grief over the years for my Pallazzo Eileen Fisher pants look 🙂
    Going to check out Legend of Korra. We loved Humans and also really like the first episode of Thirteen. I think it is on BBCA on Thursdays. Just started Jessica Jones.
    Have you reviewed JJ yet?
    mother of D

  2. I can’t believe I gave you grief either. I am so jealous of your palazzo pant collection and my grandmother’s matching Eileen Fisher silk tunic/culotte outfits.
    In passing I addressed JJ, but to recap: I loooved it, but it had too many episodes. It really drags in the last 4 or 5. It could have been a perfect 8 episode season.

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