We failed to go on vacation, so instead we really dedicated ourselves to culture vulturing. Here’s what rose to the top:

  1. Small Mouth Sounds at The Signature Theater. I know, this is a play in NYC, which means you might not be able to see it. But . . . sometimes people come to NYC and see really dumb theater because nobody ever suggested a good show to them. This is a play about a silent retreat. The physical comedy is genius.
  2. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Not only will this satisfy your need for New Zealand landscape shots, this is that rare movie that is sweet without being twee, heartbreaking without being dark, and could actually be watched by a child (because nothing too bad happens!)

3. The Night Of is currently the only show than I care about (other than American Ninja Warrior). I could happily watch Riz Ahmed examine a spoon for hours. rizahmed-hero.jpg

4. SACKS! I love this brand No. 6 and their sales are really good. Super high quality sacks with perfect draping.



4 thoughts on “Go/Watch/Buy

  1. Excited about NIght of and the Wildepeople. I can’t believe your continuing belief in expensive beautiful loose clothing. I think skinny young people like yourself can wear this stuff, but I have finally realized that I need things a bit more fitted (which you have been telling me for years.) xo mother of D

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