Basic Bitches Love Fall

And I’m no exception. It’s not just sweaters and putting pumpkin slop in everything that gets me going, it’s FALL TV!!


This fall tv season is unbelievable. I feel so alive!


So let’s get to it.

The Schlock:

Pitch: This is my favorite new show. It is not careful or subtle. It is delicious, edge of your seat plotting, and completely entertaining. It is a pleasure stew: lady athlete + underdog + is he her mentor or her lover? + opulent art direction thanks to the show’s partnership with professional baseball.

This Is Us: People keep saying this is the new Parenthood. It’s not, but every scene with Sterling K. Brown is so fantastic that I don’t really care about the lackluster other siblings.

Speechless: THIS IS THE NEW PARENTHOOD! It’s not a drama, but the core of the show is very Jason Katims’y

Designated Survivor: I’m only putting this in here because you are going to love this Mom. It has things moms love: Kiefer Sutherland and fake West Wing.

Funny Shows:

The Good Place: original, fresh, a little Parks and Rec’ish, and finally the Kristin Bell vehicle she/we deserve

Better Things: less painful that Louie. I can watch Pamela Adlon do anything.

High Maintenance/Insecure (the new HBO comedies): Great! I already loved these as internet shows and they are not ruined by their move to HBO

*brief note: because Atlanta is kind of in the same category as the HBO comedies and Better Things, I want to note that I respect the hell out of it as a show, but man what a bummer. I am basically never in the mood to watch it


Queen Sugar: because it is on OWN you might not think of this as prestige, but it is. It is also  not afraid to linger the camera on pretty people. It also has lots of interesting things to say about the racial politics of farming!

Transparent: Some people don’t like this season. I think it’s great. The Jewish stuff will make you super Judaism-curious (that’s the show’s line, not mine) and there is more Kathryn Hahn, which is all I ever really want.

Fleabag: This show killed me. Two thumbs up. Please let me know when you have finished the final episode so we can discuss.

Luke Cage: I haven’t seen this yet, but based on his performance in Jessica Jones I’m psyched!

Divorce and Westworld: also haven’t premiered yet, but I’m definitely going to watch them because 1) Sharon Hogan and 2) I like cyborgs.

Returning shows that are great:

I’m giving Masters of Sex another chance. I skipped out a couple of episodes in last season and I’m not really confused jumping back in. Sometimes shows need a chance to reboot.

Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal (HTGAWM bores me because there is too much plot)

Younger! Will she smooch old guys or young guys this season? I vote old guys.

Halt and Catch Fire (the lady boss saga continues now with Lee Pace impersonating Steve Jobs).

I have also been notified that I’m slacking in my PBS viewing: Poldark and Indian Summers are both pretty and sort of replacements for Downton Abbey/Outlander. I’m still not totally into them so I just watch them while I fold laundry. Let me know if I should be giving them more of my attention.









The Next Frontier

When I started this blog I had finally learned some basic makeup skills and the gospel of Everlane. I feel like I have lady self-presentation pretty much down. Except for washing my hair or styling my hair, because . . . ugh. I leave that challenge for another day.

Because of my natural affinity for cooking and a compulsive need to put things in their proper place, I’ve never felt much anxiety about my domestic cred. But I now realize I’ve left an entire category of lady skillz unstudied: it is time to tackle INTERIOR DESIGN!

Much like clothes and makeup, this skill requires capital. I now have some capital, so let’s furnish!


My first principle is to use as little Ikea as possible. The plant stand and the coffee table are from Ikea, BUT the coffee table is actually one of the bedside tables until I find the mid-century modern coffee table of my dreams. St. Louis is basically the mid-century modern antique capital so this is totally doable. Ikea is The Land of Compromise. Don’t give in! I have decided to simply live without basic essentials rather than acquire more Ikea. The couch and the chair are West Elm on sale. West Elm is like Everlane: it gives confidence to the aesthetically challenged. The end tables are from a local antique mall.

Because I am new to this, I followed my basic bitch principle: do not try to be an individual. So I asked the internet, “what do basic bitches use for decor?” and the internet told me “succulents.”


These cost $2 and are decor gold. The Ikea plant stand is the Everlane Oxford shoe of interior decor, everyone should own it. Apparently basic bitches also buy these weird framed quotes to hang on the wall that say things like:


But I have enough self-respect to leave well enough alone. I will have bare walls until I figure out a way to decorate them without inspirational calligraphy.

My next principle is  to GO SLOW. If I can’t afford a dresser or book shelves, just don’t have them! I sent every single book I own to my new office (see, capital of every kind is essential to home decorating), and got one of those hanging closet organizers to replace the dresser. I feel like it goes unsaid that I already Kondo’d all my stuff before moving in. Duh.

So my bedroom looks like American Psycho.

The kitchen doesn’t need decor, so that’s a relief. But the dining room table is also Ikea. So really, I guess half of my stuff is Ikea. Le sigh. Also, I’m experimenting with buying flowers for myself. And I think I really like it.


Any suggestions are welcome!


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