1. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick. As great as the internet said it would be. So pigmented and moisturizing and it fades slowly and evenly. (@Sephora) Ditto ItCosmetics CC Cream–the holy grail of face makeup: good coverage, smooshes right into your skin with minimal effort, and has 50spf (@Beautylish and Ulta).
  2. Maron Morris has inspired me to buy a white leather jacket.

This is my interpretation of this mandate (@Zara):3427221712_2_1_1

3. The “Grandpa” episode of High Maintenance. This is a stand alone episode (as are all HM episodes), so jump right into the pure pleasure of seeing the world through a dog’s eyes.

4. The Ordinary. If you have gotten far enough down the path of skin care to understand that you need your Vitamin C fresh (it goes bad after 3 months) and retinol, you will deeply appreciate buying these serums for under $10. That’s right people, somehow they have magically made the serums we are buying for $40 for $10.




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