Nashville, the good version

All us educated elites have become okay with country music ever since 1) Connie Britton warbled into our living rooms on Nashville 2) Kacey Musgraves openly critiqued the limitations of white, small-town America 3) Cam and Maron Morris gave us Beyonce-like girl anthems. We all graduated to Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton, and Jason Eady, and now identify as “country music” supporters (also quick shout out to Stapleton and Eady for providing my go to crying soundtrack).

If you, like me, have ever tried to channel that love by turning on the country music radio station, it is shocking to be confronted by the incredibly dumb and retrograde music of Luke Bryan and the many many other terrible male country singers who are actually popular in the real (as opposed to our adopted) country music demographic. I bet Luke Bryan is voting for Trump.

But, I have found one guy who seems to exist comfortably between both worlds: Jon Pardi. His songs are clever and funny and the themes are very grown up: work is boring, romancing his wife, and Nashville as a company town. If Nashville the show just made him a character I’d probably start watching again (don’t forget, it has not really died and will continue on the cable channel CMT, sigh).

In related news: I think I’m going to start wearing cowboy boots again. But don’t worry, I’m not going to wear them with my white leather jacket.


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