The State of TV

If you are wondering how to prepare for your Gilmore Girls binge, please review’s C.’s guide from many years past.

Fall premiere season has come and gone. What remains?

PBS is trying so hard to keep us in the post-Downton Abby era, and they are doing a great job. The Durrells of Corfu is perfection. Also my friend Liz wants you to watch Poldark. And my mom wants you to watch Indian Summer. So watch them all! The seasons are short. But I’ll say this for the Durrells: it has PUPPIES. Also, Call the Midwife has been renewed for three more seasons!

Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are going strong on the CW. To watch the current seasons you need to go to or their app to stream them for free. All previous seasons are on Netflix. Jane in particular has found a groove it could stay in forever (less crime lords, more lost cousins and mistaken identity).

Insecure on HBO was the best of the premium dramedy crop this fall. Better Things and Atlanta also maintained a very high quality throughout their seasons.

I think Westworld is boring. If it’s all fake, what are the stakes?! Other people seem to like it a lot though, so whatever. It’s on the list of shows that I have to watch in order to discuss with other people. Why can’t I get people to watch better tv?

Pitch is still dumb, and I LOVE IT.

Younger is the show I’m most excited to watch every week.

Speechless is probably the best new show of the season. Also in this time of darkness, you need its optimism. The Good Place has also turned out to be more Parks and Recs and less 30 Rock. So give it a try if you want to see Ted Danson as the Leslie Knope of Heaven (and why wouldn’t you?).

Queen Sugar only gets better every episode. Have you ever wondered how long it takes sugar to crystalize between harvest and milling? This show has answers.

The Disappointment Pile: Westworld, Masters of Sex, Luke Cage, The Crown, This is Us, and Divorce.

On the horizon: Top Chef is back this week and I’ve never needed it more. Can you imagine anything more soothing than Tom Collichio’s take on a crudo?

Also, PLAYING HOUSE WILL RETURN IN 2017! Reason enough to keep living.  Every episode is streaming on USA btw.


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