How to look Younger

The most important decision that the showrunners of Younger made was to cast Sutton Foster. I think she plausibly passes for 26. But aside from her natural features the makeover within the show provides crucial lessons about how to look younger.

  2. Get highlights


This realization has caused me to reflect on my twenty plus years of pro-short hair experience. When I was in third grade my mom cut all my hair off because what person in their right mind wants to brush a little girl’s hair?


Since then I have always embraced haircuts as a way to radically transform myself. Mostly this has been unsuccessful.


Giving up on cutting my hair is giving up on the possibility of finally achieving the dream that Meg Ryan embedded in all our hearts in 1998: a haircut for the female gaze.


The one truth that I never seemed to accept about the Meg Ryan-dream is that you have to get your hair cut and colored every three weeks. My parents have very chic short cuts, and they get highlights and LOWLIGHTS. I’m not even sure what a lowlight is.

Now that I have entered the point in my life where I seem to disappear into the background, merging into the mass of neutered older ladies in their boring work attire, I guess I have to say goodbye to the dream of being cool and unfussy and acquire some more hair. Also, I made an appointment for some balayage. That hair is not going to sun-kiss itself.

Also for no reason, here is the greatest tribute to Sutton Foster:

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