Top 7

These are not the best things (Moonlight, Fates and Furies, Better Call Saul). These are the things I enjoyed the most; the things that I had so much pleasure consuming I wish I could experience them again for the first time.

  1. Hands to Myself-Selena Gomez. This is probably the song I listened to the most, the song I secretly choreographed a dance to, the song that I wish every cardio dance class used. And for albums: it’s a close tie between Maren Morris and Miranda Lambert’s 2016 albums. Miranda Lambert’s album is almost too substantive for this list, inching towards “best” instead of most enjoyable.
  2. John Mulaney’s special The Comeback Kid.
  3. Keep in mind that I have not yet seen La La Land or Edge of Seventeen, but the movie that filled me with the most delight was Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Close second was Hell or High Water. Also this movie is not officially from 2o16, but 2016 is the year that it finally came to Netflix where you can STILL watch it (as an “indie” movie it’s release date might as well be the year it comes to streaming anyway). Lucky Them starring Toni Colette and Thomas Hayden Church was my favorite romantic comedy of the year. These two actors are currently being misused in a variety of movies and tv dramas so it is a great reminder of their charisma and smolder.
  4. Re-watching Working Girl, which I actually re-watched twice this year. Once in desolate Erie, PA then again after moving to a fancy new city where I have a fancy new job. Coincidence? Basically I started the year as Joan Cusack and ended as Melanie Griffith spinning in her swivel chair. Also Let the River Run is the official song of every professional success.

5. I really got back into romance novels this year, but realized that romance novels are universally terrible at plotting. You know who is great at plots? Young adult writers! Thus the perfect combination is romance + YA. I give you Sarah J. Maas’s second series A Court of Thorns and Roses. The other great thing about Maas is that she heralds the end of Hunger Games/Twilight mimicry in YA. Maas is not interested in metaphors that knock you over the head with their social relevancy or toying with our repressed desires. No, Maas trusts that you are a nerd who is deeply interested in elfish political systems that have no parallels to our own world. And she is a truly sex positive author who assumes you’ve already worked out your desire for elf ears.

6. The Everlane Street Shoe-best purchase I made this year. They make me feel fresh like Ellen.

7. It’s a tie! The Durrells of Corfu and Poldark. I have, as of now, still not convinced anyone to watch the Durrells. It is only six episodes people! Please get on it, I desperately need to discuss the finale with someone. I also have to apologize to friend of the blog Liz, who has been telling me to watch Poldark for the last six months. An eighteenth century mining operation, a love triangle, class intrigue: why did I resist this show?! This is also a reminder to you all to just give in and watch whatever people tell you to watch.


One thought on “Top 7

  1. Ok thank you Dana for more lists at Christmas time! #1 Had to rewatch Selena Gomez and I get the smokey eyes and the Heath Ledger 10 things I hate about you – but I guess I am still not a total SG fan.#3 Wilderpeople and Hell or High Water Yes! #4 Yes you are Melanie Griffith without Don Johnson, Antonio Banderas and your mother is not Tippi Hedran (though I wish).#5 I guess the Everlane Loafer was very 2015. #7 You actually convinced us to watch The Durrells of Corfu and we loved it! – mother of D

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