The Most Flattering Pant Ever?

Everlane has thrown us all in a tizzy. Have we been gas lit into believing the skinny/strechy jean was flattering? Is the wide-leg, high-waisted, cropped pant our actual perfect pant?

The case for this pant:

Everlane has put models of different sizes in the pant. We should applaud this kind of marketing.


The pant is a knock off of the Kamm pant, which objectively looks adorable on skinny rich women. It is also $300 + and the Everlane pant is less than $100, so JUSTICE.


Based on the many women who are doing god’s work by modeling these pants for the rest of us (Gretchen is my hero), it does seem that the wide-legged cut has benefits. It doesn’t make you look like a sausage in loose casing. The high waist does emphasize a lovely hourglass figure. I like butts to look bigger. This pant does that.


The case against this pant:

To summarize Sonia (friend of the blog): “These pants make you look like a hideous toddler.” Also, as many of us who have played around with the Imogene + Willie jeans (high-waisted, no stretch) already know, you look amazing standing up, but sitting down in pants like this is unbearable.

If you are going to take these warnings and proceed anyway, you MUST wear a cropped top or tuck your shirt in. If this makes you feel self-conscious of your stomach pooch, don’t buy these pants. You can’t really do this shape half way. As one small concession to hiding the middle of your body, this kind of pant looks great with a boxy (square) top that is moderately cropped. I’m in love with my Everlane wool square turtleneck, and I think this shape would look great with a high-waisted wide-legged pant. Ditto for a boxy striped shirt.

Also, some of you might remember I bought the Madewell version of this pant last year. If you think I look terrible in them, use that information to help guide your own decisions.

xo D

3 thoughts on “The Most Flattering Pant Ever?

  1. So #1 thank you for this informative post. I have a follow up question: I know I would look shitty in these pants. I would look like the hideous toddler. But I still want this look! How do people manage wearing clothes that they love, but that they know make them look terrible?

    • I can’t answer this question because I am also going to look shitty in these pants. I am also going to look like a hideous toddler. And . . . I will buy them anyway! We are grown women, we have the right look terrible on our own terms!

  2. Is there any combo more hideous than high tight critch hugging waist, wide leg, and dorky crop length?
    While the designers howl with laughter, I’ll be joining them.
    Sometimes one should say “never.”

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