First of all, I would like to thank pre-child having Dana for engaging in so much time-sucking activity (blogging, long walks, reading the internet in bed for hours on a Saturday morning). Good job me. I’m glad I wasted all that time. I can’t promise I will ever be so regular on here again, but here’s the things I liked in 2019.

  1. Greta Gerwig’s Little Women: Gerwig has taken Alcott seriously. As a work of sentimental fiction Little Women was always about redemption (with a special emphasis on women’s role as caretakers and the innocence of childhood). Instead of “updating” the story, or simply retelling it again in the same beats, Gerwig lingers on Alcott’s distinctive moral framework which emphasizes the inevitability of being a little wicked and the absolute necessity of discerning one’s own wicked tendencies.
  2. Indian-ish. This cookbook has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I now own asafetida and always have the holy trinity of  Indian cuisine (onion-ginger-chilis) in my fridge.
  3. Carina Chocano’s incredible profile of the Poo-Pourie magnate.
  4. Caron Callahan. I want to only wear her expensive nun-like clothes. I know I’ve been all about sacks for a long time. But now I’m all about long feminine dresses that show no skin but say “this person is definitely a lady.” fullsizeoutput_72b

Also, how cool is this Amtrak bathroom mirror?!

I hope to return here soon to give you a review of The Class, a fitness class where everyone wears white and does primal screaming.

xo D

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