Pandemic Shopping

Recently Sol has discovered the verb “need” but he doesn’t know the verb “want.” This has led to lots of plaintive requests such as “I neeeeed a water” but also some confusing requests such as “I neeeeed a squirrel.” What will you do with this squirrel, child?  But “I need a squirrel” is very much my mood. The first month of quarantine I was all like “I am over consumer objects” “I’ll never shop again.” Now I’m all “I neeeeeeed a potato masher.

Here’s some other stuff that I’m buying:

  1. Chaat Masala

This is a spice that I became intrigued by as part of my Indian-ish revolution. And since I was having it shipped I went all in on obscure spices from this wonderful Asheville, NC spice store.

You just sprinkle it on toast and potatoes and it makes it incredible. I had it on toast with goat cheese for breakfast.


2. Joggers 

I am trying to stop wearing my pajamas all day. These are sort of like pants.

3. More Birkenstocks

To be clear I already own Birkenstocks. But I neeeeeed an inside pair. My feet have been killing me and I suspect it is because I’m walking around barefoot all day. Birkenstocks are helping!

4. Fancy but unscented body products

I’ve become a Cerave diehard for all my face/body lotions and face/body wash needs. It’s as good as Paula’s Choice but I can just buy it at the CVS. Buuuut, in these trying times I want to feel fancy. So I bought a set from Le Necessaire.

5. Booze

I’ve been drinking too much so I’ve bought a lot of mezcal, scotch, and fancy wine from our local wine store. I’m supporting a local business #Notallheroeswearcapes. But, in recognition of that fact that I’m drinking too much I’m switching to a pre-dinner low-alcohol aperitif with a lot of ice and a bit of lemon peel.





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