Sonia’s Morning Routine

What I wish I did:

My ideal morning begins with me springing out of bed at 7:30, closely followed by some fresh-brewed coffee in the perfect cup that fits the shape of my hand.
I sit at my kitchen table and get some writing done, with a clear head, for about an hour. So the day is already productive.
My partner makes us some delicious breakfast sandwiches.
Then I calmly get dressed, do something with my hair, and am out the door around 9:30 to go to class.

What I really did this morning:

I became alert enough to qualify as awake at 8:24.
I had been stirring around for a while having weird dreams. I dreamed that I was in a dank basement with green mold all over the walls. Some random people from my childhood were there. Somehow the dream morphed into me driving the wrong way down a bridge onto an island, where I eventually ended up in a mosque in improper clothes. I think these dreams are probably anxiety-related.
I cuddled with my partner, which was the best part of my morning, and got out of bed about twenty minutes later.
I fussed around doing things like making coffee and posting the day’s discussion question on the “chat” site for the class I TA for.
I got into the shower at 9:03, then got myself together, and put some coffee in a to-go mug.
I left my apartment around 9:40–running late–and walked the block or so to campus and then hopped on this overcrowded extra-long super-bus that gets me close to my building.


I was in my seat around 9:59, and class started at 10.

Sonia is a graduate student based in Durham, NC.

Jen’s Morning Routine

What I wish I did:

  • 7:20 Alarm goes off, listen alertly to NPR while getting up
  • 7:25 Make delicious, healthy breakfast
  • 7:40 Read newspaper and eat at leisurely pace
  • 8:05 Take shower
  • 8:15 Brush teeth, comb hair, get dressed
  • 8:25 Grab delicious, healthy lunch packed last night, walk to work
  • 8:45 Start working



The tree-house Jen leaves to go to work in Seattle


What I really do:

  • 7:20 Alarm goes off, listen to NPR in a weird sleep haze
  • 7:35 Jump out of bed guiltily
  • 7:40 Make breakfast of varying quality
  • 7:55 Eat hastily
  • 8:05 Take shower or get distracted by email, news on internet and run out of time for shower
  • 8:20 Brush teeth, comb hair, get dressed
  • 8:30 Grab weird assortment of food, or Kashi steam meal, or nothing, walk to work
  • 8:50 Start working

Banana Smoothie (what Jen actually had for breakfast)


Jen is an international education professional living in Seattle.

Sarah-Neel’s Morning Routine


What I wish I did with my morning:

6:00am Wake up
6:05am Step out on my balcony, greeted by a cool breeze while some birds tie a bow in my hair Cinderella-style
6:10am Consume a Peanut Butter Dream smoothie
6:30am Go for a long walk
7:30am-8:30am Write something brilliant while finishing my Peanut Butter Dream smoothie and finish knowing I’ve accomplished the most important part of the day

sn coffee

What I really do with my morning:

8:00am Wake up
8:10am Bribe myself to do some Jane Fonda style stretches on a towel by putting a cup of coffee on the floor in front of me
8:40am Wish I had a blender to make Peanut Butter Dream smoothie while writing the same three paragraphs
9:40am-10am Wash hair

Sarah-Neel is a grad student living in Istanbul seeking gainful employment in the art world.

Emily’s Morning Routine

what I wish I did:

8:30 am wake up

8:45 am grab a large iced latte

9-10 am take the dog to the dog park

10 am go for a swim/ do some unoffensive yoga

(afterwards, start working.)


what i really do:

6:45 am wake up

7:00 am walk the dog around the block

7:30 am eat donut, drink one of those starbucks doubleshots

7:45 am facebook/internet check

8:00 am start working

as an aside, today i slept till 11:45 and am now watching Sharknado.

Emily works as a consultant for wealth managers and investment banks, but she hopes to open a bar. She is based in Los Angeles.


Dana’s morning routine

What do I wish I did for the first two hours of my day?

6:30 Wake up

6:35 Make tea and pumpkin porridge

6:45 Have breakfast and read the New York Times

7:00 Write

7:30 Workout

8:15 Shower and get ready

8:45 Get out of the door


What do I really do for the first two hours of my day?

6:30 Wake up

6:35 Make tea and pumpkin porridge

6:45 Have breakfast and read the New York Times, and THE INTERNET

7:30 Write

8:00 Workout

8:30 Shower and get ready, layering my various facial products takes 15 min at least

9:00 Go back to my room to do more work because I don’t have an office

Dana is a graduate student who is writing her dissertation and working as a nanny in Brooklyn.

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