Top 7

These are not the best things (Moonlight, Fates and Furies, Better Call Saul). These are the things I enjoyed the most; the things that I had so much pleasure consuming I wish I could experience them again for the first time.

  1. Hands to Myself-Selena Gomez. This is probably the song I listened to the most, the song I secretly choreographed a dance to, the song that I wish every cardio dance class used. And for albums: it’s a close tie between Maren Morris and Miranda Lambert’s 2016 albums. Miranda Lambert’s album is almost too substantive for this list, inching towards “best” instead of most enjoyable.
  2. John Mulaney’s special The Comeback Kid.
  3. Keep in mind that I have not yet seen La La Land or Edge of Seventeen, but the movie that filled me with the most delight was Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Close second was Hell or High Water. Also this movie is not officially from 2o16, but 2016 is the year that it finally came to Netflix where you can STILL watch it (as an “indie” movie it’s release date might as well be the year it comes to streaming anyway). Lucky Them starring Toni Colette and Thomas Hayden Church was my favorite romantic comedy of the year. These two actors are currently being misused in a variety of movies and tv dramas so it is a great reminder of their charisma and smolder.
  4. Re-watching Working Girl, which I actually re-watched twice this year. Once in desolate Erie, PA then again after moving to a fancy new city where I have a fancy new job. Coincidence? Basically I started the year as Joan Cusack and ended as Melanie Griffith spinning in her swivel chair. Also Let the River Run is the official song of every professional success.

5. I really got back into romance novels this year, but realized that romance novels are universally terrible at plotting. You know who is great at plots? Young adult writers! Thus the perfect combination is romance + YA. I give you Sarah J. Maas’s second series A Court of Thorns and Roses. The other great thing about Maas is that she heralds the end of Hunger Games/Twilight mimicry in YA. Maas is not interested in metaphors that knock you over the head with their social relevancy or toying with our repressed desires. No, Maas trusts that you are a nerd who is deeply interested in elfish political systems that have no parallels to our own world. And she is a truly sex positive author who assumes you’ve already worked out your desire for elf ears.

6. The Everlane Street Shoe-best purchase I made this year. They make me feel fresh like Ellen.

7. It’s a tie! The Durrells of Corfu and Poldark. I have, as of now, still not convinced anyone to watch the Durrells. It is only six episodes people! Please get on it, I desperately need to discuss the finale with someone. I also have to apologize to friend of the blog Liz, who has been telling me to watch Poldark for the last six months. An eighteenth century mining operation, a love triangle, class intrigue: why did I resist this show?! This is also a reminder to you all to just give in and watch whatever people tell you to watch.


Boyfriend Update

If my logic is sound, meet your future Star Wars star: Juan Diego Botto


I say this because no sooner do I gain a new boyfriend, than George Lucas casts him for a Star Wars movie. Ask anyone who has known me for 10 years, Dirty Dancing Havana nights IS and WILL ALWAYS BE my favorite movie. Did you know that dancing caused the Cuban Revolution? Look it up. Anyways, Diego Luna is long overdue for another starring role. Riz Ahmed and I got together just this year. And of course MAAADDDSSS.

Juan Diego Botto is starring with Lady Mary in the Lady Mary Breaks Bad Show on TNT (real name: Good Behavior). This show is unexpectedly great. And by great I mean (following Willa Paskin) that the show is genuinely committed to romance.


How to look Younger

The most important decision that the showrunners of Younger made was to cast Sutton Foster. I think she plausibly passes for 26. But aside from her natural features the makeover within the show provides crucial lessons about how to look younger.

  2. Get highlights


This realization has caused me to reflect on my twenty plus years of pro-short hair experience. When I was in third grade my mom cut all my hair off because what person in their right mind wants to brush a little girl’s hair?


Since then I have always embraced haircuts as a way to radically transform myself. Mostly this has been unsuccessful.


Giving up on cutting my hair is giving up on the possibility of finally achieving the dream that Meg Ryan embedded in all our hearts in 1998: a haircut for the female gaze.


The one truth that I never seemed to accept about the Meg Ryan-dream is that you have to get your hair cut and colored every three weeks. My parents have very chic short cuts, and they get highlights and LOWLIGHTS. I’m not even sure what a lowlight is.

Now that I have entered the point in my life where I seem to disappear into the background, merging into the mass of neutered older ladies in their boring work attire, I guess I have to say goodbye to the dream of being cool and unfussy and acquire some more hair. Also, I made an appointment for some balayage. That hair is not going to sun-kiss itself.

Also for no reason, here is the greatest tribute to Sutton Foster:

The State of TV

If you are wondering how to prepare for your Gilmore Girls binge, please review’s C.’s guide from many years past.

Fall premiere season has come and gone. What remains?

PBS is trying so hard to keep us in the post-Downton Abby era, and they are doing a great job. The Durrells of Corfu is perfection. Also my friend Liz wants you to watch Poldark. And my mom wants you to watch Indian Summer. So watch them all! The seasons are short. But I’ll say this for the Durrells: it has PUPPIES. Also, Call the Midwife has been renewed for three more seasons!

Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are going strong on the CW. To watch the current seasons you need to go to or their app to stream them for free. All previous seasons are on Netflix. Jane in particular has found a groove it could stay in forever (less crime lords, more lost cousins and mistaken identity).

Insecure on HBO was the best of the premium dramedy crop this fall. Better Things and Atlanta also maintained a very high quality throughout their seasons.

I think Westworld is boring. If it’s all fake, what are the stakes?! Other people seem to like it a lot though, so whatever. It’s on the list of shows that I have to watch in order to discuss with other people. Why can’t I get people to watch better tv?

Pitch is still dumb, and I LOVE IT.

Younger is the show I’m most excited to watch every week.

Speechless is probably the best new show of the season. Also in this time of darkness, you need its optimism. The Good Place has also turned out to be more Parks and Recs and less 30 Rock. So give it a try if you want to see Ted Danson as the Leslie Knope of Heaven (and why wouldn’t you?).

Queen Sugar only gets better every episode. Have you ever wondered how long it takes sugar to crystalize between harvest and milling? This show has answers.

The Disappointment Pile: Westworld, Masters of Sex, Luke Cage, The Crown, This is Us, and Divorce.

On the horizon: Top Chef is back this week and I’ve never needed it more. Can you imagine anything more soothing than Tom Collichio’s take on a crudo?

Also, PLAYING HOUSE WILL RETURN IN 2017! Reason enough to keep living.  Every episode is streaming on USA btw.


Moisturizer round up

I address you directly, my five readers:

Christiane – as we test run this Indigo Balm together, I like to think that we are both cringing at the same moment as the smell of a hippie’s compost pile hits our face. Report: I have not broken out and it feels very moisturizing, but the smell is so intense I can’t imagine another human being will ever sleep in the same bed with me.

Mom – Continue using the Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery moisturizer and retinol serum.

Kerry and Liz- DON’T WORRY. Paula’s Choice has brought back the Moisture Boost due to popular demand! We complained and they heard us. I’m so relieved.

Kerry has also taught us about Dermalogica Active Moist, maybe the most disgusting name for a moisturizer ever. It’s great, but it costs $40 😦

For those of us who can’t be bothered to buy things on the internet, please remember that Cerave PM moisturizer is not only good, it is so lightweight and moisturizing that you can put it on a finicky man and he won’t complain that there is goop on his face. I also encourage said man to use the AM version of this because it has a good SPF and I don’t want him to die.

Finally, for those of you who are not afraid of internet shopping and like cheap stuff (I’m assuming this is you Julie) this amazing moisturizer is under $6 and is super good.

Jennifer, I remember that you are also an oil lady (I always pat some oil on before or after my moisturizer), and you might really appreciate the high quality and cheapness of this rose hip seed oil.

And let us remember there is no substitute for air moisture. Let us all invest in humidifiers.


Nashville, the good version

All us educated elites have become okay with country music ever since 1) Connie Britton warbled into our living rooms on Nashville 2) Kacey Musgraves openly critiqued the limitations of white, small-town America 3) Cam and Maron Morris gave us Beyonce-like girl anthems. We all graduated to Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton, and Jason Eady, and now identify as “country music” supporters (also quick shout out to Stapleton and Eady for providing my go to crying soundtrack).

If you, like me, have ever tried to channel that love by turning on the country music radio station, it is shocking to be confronted by the incredibly dumb and retrograde music of Luke Bryan and the many many other terrible male country singers who are actually popular in the real (as opposed to our adopted) country music demographic. I bet Luke Bryan is voting for Trump.

But, I have found one guy who seems to exist comfortably between both worlds: Jon Pardi. His songs are clever and funny and the themes are very grown up: work is boring, romancing his wife, and Nashville as a company town. If Nashville the show just made him a character I’d probably start watching again (don’t forget, it has not really died and will continue on the cable channel CMT, sigh).

In related news: I think I’m going to start wearing cowboy boots again. But don’t worry, I’m not going to wear them with my white leather jacket.




People who can appropriately wear this jacket:

Jem of Jem and the Holograms

Nashville up and comer

Rock and Roll vow renewer

A person with tenure

Also I had to ask my neighbor to take this photo.



  1. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick. As great as the internet said it would be. So pigmented and moisturizing and it fades slowly and evenly. (@Sephora) Ditto ItCosmetics CC Cream–the holy grail of face makeup: good coverage, smooshes right into your skin with minimal effort, and has 50spf (@Beautylish and Ulta).
  2. Maron Morris has inspired me to buy a white leather jacket.

This is my interpretation of this mandate (@Zara):3427221712_2_1_1

3. The “Grandpa” episode of High Maintenance. This is a stand alone episode (as are all HM episodes), so jump right into the pure pleasure of seeing the world through a dog’s eyes.

4. The Ordinary. If you have gotten far enough down the path of skin care to understand that you need your Vitamin C fresh (it goes bad after 3 months) and retinol, you will deeply appreciate buying these serums for under $10. That’s right people, somehow they have magically made the serums we are buying for $40 for $10.



Basic Bitches Love Fall

And I’m no exception. It’s not just sweaters and putting pumpkin slop in everything that gets me going, it’s FALL TV!!


This fall tv season is unbelievable. I feel so alive!


So let’s get to it.

The Schlock:

Pitch: This is my favorite new show. It is not careful or subtle. It is delicious, edge of your seat plotting, and completely entertaining. It is a pleasure stew: lady athlete + underdog + is he her mentor or her lover? + opulent art direction thanks to the show’s partnership with professional baseball.

This Is Us: People keep saying this is the new Parenthood. It’s not, but every scene with Sterling K. Brown is so fantastic that I don’t really care about the lackluster other siblings.

Speechless: THIS IS THE NEW PARENTHOOD! It’s not a drama, but the core of the show is very Jason Katims’y

Designated Survivor: I’m only putting this in here because you are going to love this Mom. It has things moms love: Kiefer Sutherland and fake West Wing.

Funny Shows:

The Good Place: original, fresh, a little Parks and Rec’ish, and finally the Kristin Bell vehicle she/we deserve

Better Things: less painful that Louie. I can watch Pamela Adlon do anything.

High Maintenance/Insecure (the new HBO comedies): Great! I already loved these as internet shows and they are not ruined by their move to HBO

*brief note: because Atlanta is kind of in the same category as the HBO comedies and Better Things, I want to note that I respect the hell out of it as a show, but man what a bummer. I am basically never in the mood to watch it


Queen Sugar: because it is on OWN you might not think of this as prestige, but it is. It is also  not afraid to linger the camera on pretty people. It also has lots of interesting things to say about the racial politics of farming!

Transparent: Some people don’t like this season. I think it’s great. The Jewish stuff will make you super Judaism-curious (that’s the show’s line, not mine) and there is more Kathryn Hahn, which is all I ever really want.

Fleabag: This show killed me. Two thumbs up. Please let me know when you have finished the final episode so we can discuss.

Luke Cage: I haven’t seen this yet, but based on his performance in Jessica Jones I’m psyched!

Divorce and Westworld: also haven’t premiered yet, but I’m definitely going to watch them because 1) Sharon Hogan and 2) I like cyborgs.

Returning shows that are great:

I’m giving Masters of Sex another chance. I skipped out a couple of episodes in last season and I’m not really confused jumping back in. Sometimes shows need a chance to reboot.

Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal (HTGAWM bores me because there is too much plot)

Younger! Will she smooch old guys or young guys this season? I vote old guys.

Halt and Catch Fire (the lady boss saga continues now with Lee Pace impersonating Steve Jobs).

I have also been notified that I’m slacking in my PBS viewing: Poldark and Indian Summers are both pretty and sort of replacements for Downton Abbey/Outlander. I’m still not totally into them so I just watch them while I fold laundry. Let me know if I should be giving them more of my attention.









The Next Frontier

When I started this blog I had finally learned some basic makeup skills and the gospel of Everlane. I feel like I have lady self-presentation pretty much down. Except for washing my hair or styling my hair, because . . . ugh. I leave that challenge for another day.

Because of my natural affinity for cooking and a compulsive need to put things in their proper place, I’ve never felt much anxiety about my domestic cred. But I now realize I’ve left an entire category of lady skillz unstudied: it is time to tackle INTERIOR DESIGN!

Much like clothes and makeup, this skill requires capital. I now have some capital, so let’s furnish!


My first principle is to use as little Ikea as possible. The plant stand and the coffee table are from Ikea, BUT the coffee table is actually one of the bedside tables until I find the mid-century modern coffee table of my dreams. St. Louis is basically the mid-century modern antique capital so this is totally doable. Ikea is The Land of Compromise. Don’t give in! I have decided to simply live without basic essentials rather than acquire more Ikea. The couch and the chair are West Elm on sale. West Elm is like Everlane: it gives confidence to the aesthetically challenged. The end tables are from a local antique mall.

Because I am new to this, I followed my basic bitch principle: do not try to be an individual. So I asked the internet, “what do basic bitches use for decor?” and the internet told me “succulents.”


These cost $2 and are decor gold. The Ikea plant stand is the Everlane Oxford shoe of interior decor, everyone should own it. Apparently basic bitches also buy these weird framed quotes to hang on the wall that say things like:


But I have enough self-respect to leave well enough alone. I will have bare walls until I figure out a way to decorate them without inspirational calligraphy.

My next principle is  to GO SLOW. If I can’t afford a dresser or book shelves, just don’t have them! I sent every single book I own to my new office (see, capital of every kind is essential to home decorating), and got one of those hanging closet organizers to replace the dresser. I feel like it goes unsaid that I already Kondo’d all my stuff before moving in. Duh.

So my bedroom looks like American Psycho.

The kitchen doesn’t need decor, so that’s a relief. But the dining room table is also Ikea. So really, I guess half of my stuff is Ikea. Le sigh. Also, I’m experimenting with buying flowers for myself. And I think I really like it.


Any suggestions are welcome!


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